The Sounds

Pressure – Virgin Islands Nice
  1. 1. Pressure – Virgin Islands Nice
  2. 2. Deanna Brown – The Good Life
  3. 3. Mishka – Struggle Remains
  4. 4. Shay – High On You

The Vibe


With state-of-the-art gear and our staff’s wealth of experience, Aqua Sounds Studio offers industry-standard recording capabilities at the highest levels in a highly creative atmosphere and location. As the sounds to the left showcase, artists from all genres of music have recorded at Aqua Sounds Studio.


Our acoustically designed control room and extensive digital and analog gear in a inspiring Caribbean setting provide the perfect environment for mixing. We also offer in-house mixing by our highly skilled Grammy-nominated engineering staff.


Aqua Sounds Studio offers industry-standard mastering tools and experienced engineers to handle any level of mastering needs.

Voice-Over Services

A cappella? Voice recording for an audio book? Television or radio commercials? Aqua Sounds Studio provides the equipment and personnel to reach the very best quality sound.

Writing Lab / Relaxation Center

Aqua Sounds boasts a grand upstairs lounge for artists and recording teams to best get those creative juices flowing!